Trampoline Health Benefits


Trampolines aren’t just for kids. The repetitive bouncing motion of trampolining actually has many health benefits that make it appropriate for people of all ages and almost all health statuses.

A study carried out by NASA found that 10 minutes bouncing on a trampoline is a better cardiovasular workout than 33 minutes of running. What's more the mat absorbs 80% of the shock from the rebound which means in comparison to jogging there's a much smaller chance of injury to the joints, epecially in the ankles and knees.

In addition to cardiovasular fitness regular trampolining can significantly improve coordination and agility. For someone that takes part in other sports that require a sense of hand-eye coordination and balance this could be a great help. Acrobats for example use trampolines to improve their co-ordination in aerial skills and tumbles.

Another interesting benefit is the reduced risk of bone conditions such as brittle bone disease, fractures and osteoporosis. By repeatedly placing the skeletal frame under slight stress while you bounce the bones gradually adapt and become stronger as a result. And as mentioned before the trampoline pad absords the majority of the impact so your bones and joints are protected while you exercise.

Finally I'd like to highlight its effect on the mind. It should be known that trampolining can help combat negative emotions such as depression, stress and anxiety by increasing the amount of endorphines released by the brain. Regular sessions promote mental relaxation, improved sleeping patterns and higher energy levels.